Mobile Tools

The Pathology Tracker suite of tools comes with cutting-edge mobile tools for the patients, providers & laboratories which help automate workflow, facilitate communication, and as a result help provide better care.

Mobile App

When the information you need involves your health, you need it as soon as possible. Now you can take your health information with you, on the new Pathology Tracker Mobile App. Life saving information could always reach you at home but now it can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. Join us today as we break new ground in the world of technology, health, and communication.


Providers can utilize the established mobile app or custom-brand the app specifically to identify and recognize their practice.


Patients can download mobile applications (from the Apple and Google app stores) that enable tracking of their specimen from the time it leaves the exam room until their tissue is signed out by a pathologist and follows it all the way through the process when their provider is ready to read them their test results.


Laboratories can track and recognize the location of their patient’s tissue throughout the process while providing their providers with a greater level of accountability and accessibility through many of tools in the mobile app.