Pathology Tracker's Features


  • Easy to use on iPad/PC
  • Automation of simple activities (patient communication)
  • Easy to integrate with lab and EHR system
  • Simple installation


  • Faster turnaround times of lab results
  • Locating patient lab results.
  • Digital logbooking
  • Locating outstanding lab results
  • RFID reader picks up multiple specimens in seconds


  • HIPAA compliant
  • RFID tracking to prevent loss of specimen
  • Chain of custody for lab & courier

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pathology Tracker?

Pathology Tracker is a software solution that utilizes leading-edge RFID technology to automate the tracking and manual activities associated with pathology requests sent to labs by physicians, clinics, and hospitals. Pathology Tracker provides a suite of tools to view status and results, automate manual activities, and provide real-time notifications to physicians and offices.

Is Pathology Tracker an EHR?

No – Pathology Tracker integrates and utilizes information from any existing EHR or EMR. Information necessary to create and submit a lab order for a patient is passed from an EHR / EMR to Pathology Tracker to begin the electronic tracking process of specimens. If an office does not utilize an EHR or EMR, Pathology Tracker can be utilized to begin the lab order process.

What are the Benefits?

Pathology Tracker provides many significant benefits including:

  • Ongoing real-time visibility of specimen location and status.
  • Automation of manual tracking “log book” with real-time updates.
  • Increased efficiency and speed in obtaining lab results.
  • Reduced risk and error rates in losing specimens.
  • Reduction in time and expense in tracking and researching status.
  • Tools that assist in the monitoring of lab results that require action with patients.
  • Improve patient care and communication.

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Who uses Pathology Tracker?

Pathology Tracker provides a suite of valuable tools that can be utilized by physicians, nurses, office staff, pathology coordinators, hospitals, and labs. The tools can be easily tailored to how each office operates.

What does Pathology Tracker track?

Pathology Tracker tracks each specimen via an RFID label that requires a lab order. Patients who have multiple specimens in one office visit are tracked both individually and collectively which provides the office with easy and quick access to the specimen information. Additionally, Pathology Tracker will track the routing of the specimen from one lab to another.

How can you follow your specimen using Pathology Tracker?

Each specimen is tagged with a unique number which is included on the RFID label that is also tied to the specific patient visit. Specimens with the RFID label are scanned at courier pick up as well when the lab receives them. Once the pathology lab has completed the lab order the results are electronically sent back to Pathology Tracker on each specimen. All who are provided access to Pathology Tracker can follow the specimen at every point throughout the lab order process.

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