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Reduce Costly Medical Errors and Be Rewarded

Every year, around seven billion samples are tested in US laboratories alone. It is a critical part of the diagnostic process, contributing to 70 percent of all medical decisions that are made. Alarmingly, it is estimated that up to 98,0001 people die in hospitals each year from preventable medical errors, making misdiagnosis the eighth leading cause of death in the US, ahead of motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer and AIDS.

One of the most common and preventable causes leading to misdiagnosis comes from a surprisingly simple step in the process – the labeling of tissue samples.

1 ‘To Err is Human’, Institute of Medicine, November 1999

What is sample tracking?

Our Pathology Tracker system provides sample tracking to help laboratories, medical providers, and the patients know where samples are in the testing process. If additional tests are ordered, sample tracking allows the laboratory to rapidly identify the patient information and any previous testing carried out on the sample.

Some laboratories create a manual log of where the sample has been and who has touched it. Our Pathology Tracking digital tracking solutions create this log automatically. Laboratories that rely on manually handwriting logs not only tie up technicians for longer periods of time, they also face the increased risk of errors being made.

You mentioned a reward?

The Pathology Tracker system qualifies most of our participating providers with a powerful discount on their malpractice insurance, often saving practices thousands in premiums per year. Contact our team to help determine your eligibility.